LASIK Surgery in Union City

LASIK Surgery in Union City

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LASIK in Union City

You may have been under the impression that LASIK is ideal for everyone and that everything about it is positive, but the reality is that there is no medical procedure or treatment of any kind that can be thought of as 100% perfect. However, LASIK surgery in Union City is, for many people, a gift that restores a degree of vision that may have been thought lost forever. Here at Eyesite, we offer co-management and evaluation services for you in preparation for making a decision about this surgery. And we want you you to understand the pros and cons.

The point of LASIK surgery in Union City is to reshape your corneas, and in the process altering the angle that light travels between the cornea and retina to make it more accurate. The result is improved vision in spite of nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, or any combination of them. Unlike standard surgery, there is no traditional cutting, no stitches, and no bandages. The success rate is over 90%, inspiring confidence. And the effects are noticed rather quickly, usually the day after or maybe later the same day as the surgery. You might be able to simply discard your eyeglasses or contact lenses, but at minimum you won’t need as strong a prescription nor will you have to rely on them as much. Those are the pros. The cons of LASIK surgery in Union City are that the procedure, once done, cannot be reversed. And while future adjustments can be made, they have to done with the same type of surgery. Other types of laser eye procedures will not be applicable.

If you’re interested in being assessed for LASIK, please contact our office to arrange an appointment to come in for our co-management services. As you can tell, there is a lot to say in favor of this revolutionary procedure.

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