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Dry eyes in Union City

This is the time of year when dry eyes start to become a more frequent problem, but they are a concern all year round. Turn to us at Eyesite for the expert care from our specialist that will give you the relief from this condition.

Dry eyes develop either because your eyes are not making enough tears, or because the composition of the tears made are not of the necessary quality. The situation can be made worse, though, due to circumstances, some of which are more prominent in the fall and winter. For one thing, harsh winds are sure to be whipping up if they have not already. They have a serious impact on your eyes. Likewise, dry indoor heat leaves you with dry air in your home (and office). So what can our Union City optometry do to help? For one thing, we advise you to avoid smoke, which is a contributing factor. You should also wear eyeglasses or sunglasses as a shield for your eyes when it is windy out. One or more humidifiers are also useful at home. But just as important as the above guidelines is direct treatment. Our Union City optometry conducts a comprehensive eye exam. Special tests that gauge the quality and quantity of your tears may be used. In order to get the best results, artificial tears are typically the first treatment option. For many people, this may be enough. They are available in eye drop form, in both regular and prescription strength. Your needs will dictate which is the best suited for your situation. Other treatments, including surgery, are considered if artificial tears do not produce the needed results, or in chronic cases.

Why not call our Union City optometry now and arrange a prompt appointment to come in for dry eye care?

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